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About us

About Connect 2 Gurukul

Connect2Gurukul (“C2G”) is a start up focused on education and technology. C2G aims to augment the schools with products that are driven by a strong focus on preparing students for tomorrow.

Company Brief

We are committed to continually developing new ways to help our partner institutions boost student / parent / teacher / employee satisfaction, achieve operational excellence, and maximize their institutional success.

C2G’s vision for its partner schools is to enable them to be the top ranking schools in the country and be the preferred schools for teachers, parents, and students alike

“We will support the mission, vision and strategy of our partner schools as we evolve together and incorporate best practices in education.”

The Journey

What started a few years ago as a discussion on latest trends in education, transformed into a thought provoking analysis of present and future expectation gaps between various constituents in our education system. In India, education has seen the transformation from being imparted at a Guru or teacher’s home (“Gurukul”) to a classroom; the focus over time has shifted away from the personal & individualized teaching to a group setting.

At C2G we believe that there is a need to adapt to a new paradigm, where technology is bridging the communication divide and is used to increase interaction through better assessment, regular feedback and means to increase child’s knowledge sphere.

C2G’s collaboration framework enhances teamwork, and elevates the quality of education & ensures a level playing field between students, teachers, parents, and schools.

Our vision is to be recognized as the premier firm in providing value added solutions to educational institutions. C2G Desk is the first step in our evolution as a

“Partner in Education”…….