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C2G Philosophy

C2G Philosophy

C2G will help its partner schools achieve their vision by relying on the three pillars that are its foundation: Innovate |
Collaborate | Differentiate


Innovation is the single most important factor that defines an institutions focus on tomorrow. Innovation can be in any field: technological, style of teaching, behavioral assessments, role of a teacher, educational resources, etc.

“The right mix of innovative teaching strategies & techniques combined with quality teaching can elevate the student’s learning experience”


Collaboration is one of the easiest strategies for growth. In this age of no boundaries and information sharing, power of the network can be used as a tool to keep us ahead of the curve.

“In an education setting, collaboration can be achieved between various schools, teachers, parents, students, and alumni”


Initial recognition and success can be achieved based on quality; however for sustaining that success there is a strong need for differentiation.

“Teachers are the lifeline of a school – a school can differentiate by equipping its teachers with smart tools to further augment their repository of knowledge”