911: A Public Emergency (Social Text 72) by Jasbir K.Puar, Zillah Eisenstein, Rosalind C.Morris, Judith PDF

By Jasbir K.Puar, Zillah Eisenstein, Rosalind C.Morris, Judith Butler, Muneer Ahmad, Meena Alexander, Lopamudra Basu, Sandrine Nicoletta, Yigal Nizri, Ban Wang

ISBN-10: 0822365537

ISBN-13: 9780822365532

Due to the fact that September eleven, public discourse has frequently been framed when it comes to absolutes: an age of innocence offers method to a gift below siege, whereas the USA and its allies face off opposed to the Axis of Evil. This specified factor of Social textual content goals to maneuver past those binaries towards considerate research. The editors argue that the problem for the Left is to boost an antiterrorism stance that recognizes the legacy of U.S. alternate and overseas coverage in addition to the range of the Muslim religion and the risks offered through fundamentalism of all kinds.Examining the strengths and shortcomings of quarter, race, and gender stories within the look for figuring out, this factor considers cross-cultural feminism as a method of fighting terrorism; racial profiling of Muslims within the context of different racist logics; and the homogenization of dissent. the difficulty comprises poetry, photographic paintings, and a piece of writing by way of Judith Butler at the discursive area surrounding the assaults of September eleven. This extraordinary variety of contributions questions the which means and implications of the occasions of September eleven and their aftermath.Contributors. Muneer Ahmad, Meena Alexander, Lopamudra Basu, Judith Butler, Zillah Eisenstein, Stefano Harney, Randy Martin, Rosalind C. Morris, Fred Moten, Sandrine Nicoletta, Yigal Nizri, Jasbir okay. Puar, Amit S. Rai, Ella Shohat, Ban Wang

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Lopamudra Basu would like to thank the members of the seminar on the New Internationalism at the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, CUNY Graduate Center, where she and Meena Alexander were fellows in 2000 – 2001. 38 Lopamudra Basu Exit This work was created after I had observed New Yorkers for some months. Rarely do they leave the city; they live in a grid made up of straight roads, and their personal life is conditioned by their careers. This installation is made up of the word EXIT placed at sky level on the windows at the ninety-first floors of the World Trade Center towers, the business center in New York City.

Cloud Bench 2 Among the victims of September 11 was Michael Richards, who participated in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program. Michael worked in his studio on the ninety-second floor of Tower One of the World Trade Center at that time. This work is dedicated to his memory. 44 Yigal Nizri The Cold War, Imperial Aesthetics, and Area Studies In my local library in East Brunswick, New Jersey, military artifacts, weapons, and photos are on prominent display as a reminder of the days of the world wars, the military interventions of the postwar era, and the sacrifice of young men who grew up in local neighborhoods.

LB: Memory is a very important theme in your work. How does the lyric poem work with memory? MA: The lyric poem is so tiny. It can be folded onto a bit of paper, put into a notebook, written on the backs of matchboxes. There is something about the portability of the lyric in a time of danger. For me, the lyric becomes the form par excellence in a time of crisis because it can be carried in memory. Also, it need not be bought and sold. So at least for a lit- 34 Lopamudra Basu tle while it stands outside the buying and the selling, the shards of violation that are parts of our human world.

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911: A Public Emergency (Social Text 72) by Jasbir K.Puar, Zillah Eisenstein, Rosalind C.Morris, Judith Butler, Muneer Ahmad, Meena Alexander, Lopamudra Basu, Sandrine Nicoletta, Yigal Nizri, Ban Wang

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