A comparison of Egyptian symbols with those of the Hebrews by Frédéric Portal, baron de; John W Simons PDF

By Frédéric Portal, baron de; John W Simons

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WHITE. The significations given in Hebrew to the color white designate purity, catidor, nobility. "iin heur, to he white; nimn heurim, the noble, the pure, the white. pb LBN, to be white ; to purge one^s self of sm. ^ The egg called to white like the priests ; mind the birth of the world and the neration of the pwre or the white new birth, or rege- 1 Symbolic Colors of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Modern Times, pp. 50 and 51. ' and Emeric-David, VillSee Paintings of the Funereal Ritual ; ain.

122). DEW. fh The Egyptians represented teaching or instruction, by the dew falling from heaven (liurap. I. 37). nnt 8eia. ' •^'xa campxjLs, mia. uger ; t-ytu potcnlissimun,oninipotcm. See hliy Rod APPLICATION TO 54 In Hebrew fT-i"! ire signifies to throw drops of water, to sprinkle and to teach, to instruct (Gesenius). In like manner, n"i''a mure, signifies a doctor, a professor, and the first rain, which, in Palestine, falls from thu middle of October to the middle of December and pif[)ares the earth to receive the seed (Gesenius, verbo nir).

Salvolini thinks these signs are crests (Alphabet, ; No. 194). I think I recognize eyelids; in fact, these three signs are covered with a sort of eyelid or brow showing itself above the eyes, the design of which is given by Champollion (Egypt. , consult Nos. 208 and 242, of Alphabet). , p. 174). The Hebrew name of eyelid is the same as that of the celebration of di festival. m^uj scHMRE, in the feminine plural n-nair schmruth, ni"i:2a schmrim, ohsereyelids ; and in the plural masculine vatio, celebratio festi (Gesenius).

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A comparison of Egyptian symbols with those of the Hebrews by Frédéric Portal, baron de; John W Simons

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