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By Savitri Devi

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Rosicrucian booklet. formerly released less than the name "Son of God..."

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In order to exalt me since the time of the god. . ” And Ramose answers: “Thy monuments shall endure like the heavens, for thy duration is that of Aton therein. The existence of thy monuments is like the existence of His designs. Thou hast laid the mountains; their secret chambers. ”1 The old Sun-god Ra, the divine Ancestor of the most ancient Pharaohs, is clearly regarded here as the same as Aton. But if we bear in mind all that we already know of the religion of Amenhotep the Fourth — his idea of the “Heatwhich-is-in-the-Disk” identical with the Disk itself, his conception of a thoroughly immanent Godhead — then we cannot but see much more than customary dynastic boasting in the king’s assertion that Ra is his “august Father,” and much more, also, than the polite exaggerations of a courtier in Ramose’s reply: “Thou art the Only One of Aton, etc.

It is also not impossible that he might have heard on some occasions of a sun-god little different, at least in his superficial features, from the Surya of the Aryans and from the god he was himself to praise one day under the name of Aton. But the point remains doubtful, for lack of information. And the impression the prince received must have been rather vague, anyhow. For even 1 James Baikie: The Amarna Age (Edit. 1926), p. 209. Sir Wallis Budge: Tutankhamen, Amenism, Atenism, and Egyptian Monotheism (Edit.

But now, the only reasonable course before him was that which he took and followed, in fact, to its utmost implications. It was not “religious fanaticism,” but a clear understanding of the situation that prompted him to act. The “fanatics” were not he, but the priests; they who, by their violent hostility to a teaching of exceedingly broad significance (which, 57 religiously speaking, should not have upset them at all), set forth the dilemma which we have just recalled. The thoroughness with which Akhnaton followed his course is one of the early recorded instances of that unbending determination that he showed all his life, once he felt sure which way he was to act in accordance with truth.

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