Advanced Formal Verification by Rolf Drechsler PDF

By Rolf Drechsler

ISBN-10: 1402025300

ISBN-13: 9781402025303

Advanced Formal Verification exhibits the most recent advancements within the verification area from the views of the person and the developer. international major specialists describe the underlying equipment of contemporary verification instruments and describe quite a few situations from business perform. within the first a part of the ebook the middle suggestions of present day formal verification instruments, reminiscent of SAT and BDDs are addressed. furthermore, multipliers, that are recognized to be tricky, are studied. the second one half offers perception in specialist instruments and the underlying method, equivalent to estate checking and statement dependent verification. eventually, analog elements must be thought of to deal with entire method on chip designs.

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All literals of C are set to 0 by p. On the other hand, since s is a satisfying assignment, then at least one literal of C is set to 1 by s. Then C contains a literal of a variable y from Y . Denote by p the point obtained from p by flipping the value of y in p. The point p is reachable from p by means of the transport function g. If |Y | = 1, then p is the satisfying assignment s. If |Y | > 1, 32 ADVANCED FORMAL VERIFICATION then p cannot be a satisfying assignment since, by our assumption, the satisfying assignment s is the closest to p.

We show that a CNF formula F is unsatisfiable if and only if there is a set of points of the Boolean space that is stable with respect to F . If F is satisfiable then any subset of points of the Boolean space is unstable, and an assignment satisfying F will be found in the process of constructing an SSP. We describe a simple algorithm for constructing an SSP. Interestingly, this algorithm is, in a sense, an extension of Papadimitriou’s algorithm [17] (or a similar algorithm that is used in the well-known program called Walksat [19]).

5 Given a function F (X 1 ,X 2 ), the function H(X 2 ) existentially implied by F is unique. It can be obtained from F by existentially quantifying away the variables of X1 . 3 Let F (X1 , X2 ) and H(X2 ) be CNF formulas where H(X2 ) consists of all the clauses depending only on variables from X2 that can be derived from F (X1 ,X2 ) by resolution. Then H(X2 ) is existentially implied by F (X1 ,X2 ). Proof. The CNF F (X 1 ,X 2 ) implies H(X 2 ) because each clause of H is implied by F since it is derived by resolution.

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