Cheri Walters's Advice to the Minister of Music: Get a Giant Hat Rack PDF

By Cheri Walters

ISBN-10: 0882433393

ISBN-13: 9780882433394

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Begin with a positive statement. ~ Listen to the other person. ,Be specific. 7QDon’t respond in kind. Being Confronted If confronting is difficult, it’s even harder being confronted. When the “well-intentioned dragons” (as Marshall Shelley calls them in his book of the same name) spew forth fire and smoke, it’s almost impossible not to get a little singed. But there are ways to keep from being consumed. One of the hardest lessons to learn is how to let another person’s anger roll off without taking it personally.

In fact, I’m beginning to think that it’s impossible; I’m learning that for any of us, organizing our lives is an ongoing process as we grow and our needs evolve and change. But I take comfort in the fact that I am more organized this year than I was last year, or two years ago, or ten.

In its most basic form, a woman gets two men to fight over her. There are several possible conclusions: (1) She may then choose the winner as worthy of her hand; (2) she may be attracted to the loser as the underdog who needs her; or STAYING OUT oF THE MIDDLE 43 (3) while the two are fighting, she may walk off with a third man, Regardless of the outcome, she is in control, thus, the game is ultimately a power play. Berne details many other such games and almost all of them are about power, about who’s in control.

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