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By Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday

ISBN-10: 1560763582

ISBN-13: 9781560763581

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Such groups are perceived as wrong-headed rivals who seek to lead the people astray through their false concepts. Under the best of conditions, this dislike is manifested in a redoubled effort by farisan to prove that their own faith is more secure, their own life more worth living than that of a rival (even a rival faris). Under the worst of conditions, it results in the intolerant holy war, sweeping a land clean like a desert wind. Weapon Proficiencies: Farisan are not restricted in weapon use, but a proficiency with some form of sword is recommended for the initial slot.

Some even become rulers. Members of this kit are more urbane and socially acceptable than other breeds of warriors. Even askars of rival villages, cities, or states share the bond of a similar background, which facilitates trade and 29 communication. Askars tend to be more literate than warriors who are less settled. Merchants in particular hold askars in high regard, as they are dependable, predictable, and straightforward. In general, askars can be entrusted with missions of great import. These warriors have but one flaw worth noting: a tendency toward chauvinism and provincial attitudes.

Members of this kit always judge the quality of a mount correctly; no proficiency check is required. Further, under a desert rider’s expert care, a mount improves one level in quality—in just two weeks following the purchase. (See Chapter 6 in the DMG for definitions of quality. ) This benefit lasts only as long as the horse remains in the desert rider’s care. Thus, a desert rider may sell an “average” horse, which in a week reverts to its original broken-down stage in the hands of others. Such occurrences contribute to the belief that desert riders are unscrupulous.

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