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By William Norman Grigg

ISBN-10: 1881919102

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Is America's center category Doomed? for hundreds of years, America's thriving heart category used to be the basis of our liberties and the envy of the realm. yet now a growing number of debt-ridden americans locate themselves becoming a member of the "race to the bottom". around the country, groups are reeling as production and hi-tech jobs are "outsourced" in a foreign country. or even as our country exports jobs that when opened the door to the center category, we're uploading waves of unskilled immigrants, together with thousands of illegals. now not America's protector, our political elite schemes to merge our state right into a continent-spanning socialist mega-state modeled after the ecu Union. In America's Engineered Decline, investigative journalist William Norman Grigg finds the typical threads binding those advancements jointly right into a progressive schedule. yet, as Grigg issues out, that subversive time table should be defeated - if adequate american citizens will take part prepared, principled motion.

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But in addition to surrendering congressional powers, the Caught in the WTO Web 53 WTO, in the words of liberal Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe, "shifts ... sovereignty from state and local governments" to the global body. S. president to retaliate against political rivals. Shortly before Congress approved the WTO, former Treasury Department official Paul Craig Roberts expressed amazement that "anyone in Congress wants to pass a bill that gives the President sole power to negotiate remedies vvhen the WTO declares federal, state and local laws illegal under GATT.

This approach allowed researchers to calculate government-imposed "structural costs" on manufacturing in each country. 4 percent to the cost of doing business from the United States.... S. S. 30 America's Engineered Decline manufacturers ... "17 NAM highlights five "critical obstacles" to economic recovery in the manufacturing sector: • Excessive corporate taxation. • Escalating costs of health and pension benefits. • Escalating costs of actual or threatened tort litigation. • Escalating compliance costs for regulatory mandates, particularly those related to workplace safety, pollution abatement, and corporate governance.

The National Foreign Trade Council warned that "if the United States subscribes to the charter it will be abandoning traditional American principles and espousing, instead, planned economy and full-scale political control of production, trade, and monetary exchange. "20 Because of widespread opposition to the agreement, the ITO was never submitted to Congress for ratification. " Just as they had done when the League of Nations failed, the Power Elite regrouped, changed the name of the defeated global body, and prevailed in the 1994 rematch — with the help of globalists in the Republican Party's leadership ranks.

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