CCE Grade Report Tool

CCE : Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

CBSE introduced CCE Scheme for grading with an aim for making the assessment/evaluation of students in a more holistic manner as compared to just focus on examination taking capabilities. This scheme focuses on assessment throughout the year as compared to just at a point of time. An important feature of this scheme is the inclusion of Co-Scholastic as well as Co-Curricular activities like Life Skills, Attitudes & Values, etc. Schools are expected to maintain anectodal records of the child’s performance on these parameters throughout the year.


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CCE : Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
Features of our application
Development of Software on CCE framework as contained in the Teacher’s Manual and other appropriate material available on the CCE portal of the Board’s website.
Data capture of Marks of Formative Assessments & Summative Assessments.
Data capture of Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Skills.
View overall grade performance during the year.
Excel Plug-in (discussed in detail below).
Generation of CBSE format Report Card
Generation of various MIS reports for CBSE/Schools at regular intervals
Converting application data for upload to CBSE
Implementation and Operationalization / Maintenance of Software / Application
Provision for automatically adjusting to the changes in grading scheme that the CBSE would bring in future years.
Excel Plugin Feature Highlights
Excel Integration – All you need to do is record marks in our excel templates and leave the rest on us. No more bulky manual records / registers needed!
Smart Excel Templates – The templates would ensure that you do not put incorrect marks by warning you of mistakes….try it to believe this one!!!
CCE format Reports in Minutes – Converts marks to grades & grade points,calculates CGPA, and Combines all the terms marks
Co-Scholastic Template/Worksheet – In one simple template record grade points for each of the Descriptive Indicators, assign the ones you want to display in the report, even see the word count (we tell you when you exceed the board prescribed word limit even!)…and you are done.
Highly Flexible & Integrates seamlessly into our School Management ERP – You can change the weight age percentages in case CBSE makes any changes & use for different classes on CCE pattern.