When I was in School…the Changing Face of Education

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Some Facts…

My Father – We used to go 20 miles, were scared/respected of the teachers, & studied under the street lamp, in a family of 8 brothers & sisters!

Me – I respect the teachers but think need some extra books for practice

My Nieces & Nephews – I don’t think the teacher knows the stuff, we need Tutions in…well all the subjects!

My Kids – I can do this on the iPad and also why do I need to learn the tables when I can do in the calculator!

So here I am trying to see where the education in the country is moving (being an entrepreneur in this space,  I guess I do need to have some idea!) – but like everything else, started with some flashback & what I have seen.

As I like simple one words that relate to the education domain – this is the path followed by my family tree

                                   Teachers  –>  Books –>  Tutors –>  Gadgets

Making an assumption that we are pretty representative of how the rest of country has fared, it is interesting to note the shift that has happened from Teachers/Students to props (pardon the pun!). Over the years, it seems the individualized attention has given way to the mass production methodology, where one size fits all – one audio/video lesson should work for everyone (and I mean everyone!…including Students, Parents and Teachers!).

Don’t get me wrong – I love technology – (hey Connect2Gurukul’s School Management Platform is a technology product !) however I still am a huge fan of the old school way of learning where a Teacher teaches the student and not the computer teaching my kid.

I absolutely like to equip the teachers with tools that help them analyze the student’s abilities so that they can create more personalized lectures or remove inefficiencies like filling registers and registers to track student records or make copies of notes or creating new question papers, etc etc.

I don’t want to use this as a medium to target companies that sell Smart Boards, or Digital Content – it is just that I believe….Technique is more important than the Technology. Being a huge fan of the concept of School Without Walls – I want to stress all these Tools, Apps, and Gadgets are great and absolutely enhance the reach of teachers to various corners of the country; however they need to be used as Tools and not the teaching!…

…Digitization is here to stay – so is the role of the teacher – however, I see focus on increasing efficiencies using technology (sorry could not control my marketing hat!), giving teachers tools to create/manage digitization, providing in-depth assessment using various analytical techniques, and Teachers playing the lead role as the only way to “Bringing a Change in Education”

Now hoping this is how it ends in the future….again with the family tree…

My Grand kids – We knew GrandPa was right!!!

CEO & Founder

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